What benefits do you offere first-year teachers?  What benefits do you increase as experience increases?

  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams04-02-2012

    We have in the past sent our new teachers to the BJU New Beginnings program which has recently been discontinued. We provide continued education funds for all teachers. We do not offer any difference in the financial package for new teachers other than assistance on moving expenses based on need.

  2. Amy Redar
    Amy Redar04-09-2012

    We try to offer first year teachers multiple opportunities to attend workshops throughout the year. Our more experienced staff just gets to go to one paid workshop per year.

  3. Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore04-12-2012

    Our first year teachers receive the same benefits as veterans. I “require” that I be present at all parent-teacher meetings involving 1st year teachers. First year teachers have greatly appreciated this, and it helps me protect the teachers and make the meetings more productive.

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