Developing a Formal, Written School Improvement Plan


As part of our accreditation process, we have been asked to develop a formal, written school-improvement plan for the next five years or so.

Does anyone have suggestions on methods of developing a plan that includes a technology plan, that includes student expectations and employs goals and interventions to improve student performance, that includesdata collection points throughout the year to demonstrate student growth, and that sets long- and short-term goals and establishes time lines to document and demonstrate school effectiveness.

We use the SAT-10 and OLSAT, which give us annual data points, but what methods could be used throughout the year as “data collection points” to demonstrate student growth during the year, particularly in math, reading, language, etc.?

Any suggestions, samples, and help would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams04-09-2012


    Sorry I can’t help because we are in a similiar process, any ideas out there would be appreciated as well.

  2. Joe Haas
    Joe Haas04-09-2012

    Dr. Walker has some information on school improvement at the TakeTenn website –

  3. Joey Harmon
    Joey Harmon04-10-2012

    I recommend Charles Mickles from Lighthouse Christian School in Antioch, TN as a resource for school improvement plans. His is the best I have seen.

  4. Chris Rule
    Chris Rule05-16-2012

    I recommend education specialist Dr. Manuel Salazar from Strategic Education. He is very experienced in both developing a five year strategy as well as going through the accreditation process. He takes the time to explain every aspect of his recommendations and strategies.

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