Teacher Appreciation Week


Does your school do anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? Who organizes it (PTO, school board, administration, etc.)? Any practical ideas to show our appreciation for our teachers would be helpful.

  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams04-09-2012

    Our PTO organizes any activities for that week. What they do varies from year to year, but it is generally a small token or gift and then maybe a breakfast or cakes at lunch.

    • Dwight Vanderboegh
      Dwight Vanderboegh04-09-2012

      Our parents step up and put this event together. They contact local vendors who have connections with our Academy to supply specific lunches through-out the week: Pizza Hut, Chik-Fil-A, etc. The parents follow a theme for lunches each day. Our athletic Booster Club provides breakfast Monday and the lunches follow the other days. Also, we put little things in their mailboxes each day. I suppose if you seek, you will find a parent or two who will take this and run with it. In the past, we have purchased a few gift cards and chosen names out of a “hat.”

    • Tony Sales
      Tony Sales04-18-2012

      Can you give a little information on the structure and responsibilities of your school’s PTO?

  2. Mark Weatherford
    Mark Weatherford04-09-2012

    Our school has a Hospitality Committee made up of school moms. They solicit donations from area businesses, like gift cards, dinning certificates, oil changes, etc. And they do a drawing each mouth and two teachers per month get a gift. Also, during Teacher appreciation week and holidays, they prepare a lunch for us and set with the students so the teacher can get away for a few minutes. They also give all of the lady teachers a free professional manicure that is donated by one of our school parents. They set up the teachers’ lounge like a little spa with flowers, soft music and such. They schedule when the teacher wants her manicure and then the moms watch the students while the teacher relaxes for a little while getting her nails done. Just a couple of ideas!

  3. Amy Redar
    Amy Redar04-09-2012

    Our PTF group finds parent volunteers to come cover both lunch and recess duty for our staff. The teachers then head out to lunch off campus. The PTF collects money to cover the cost of lunch.

  4. Samuel Dalton
    Samuel Dalton04-10-2012

    In the past, I have had a few high school students and myself don tuxedo shirts and bow ties, then we burst into each room, right during class, and offer a tray full of goodies and give them the full waiter treatment. [Madam, may I interest you in a donut, perhaps a croissant?]

    The teachers love it and the kids get into the spirit of it. Naturally, it disrupts the learning process, which just adds to the humor, especially if you can do it without any kind of notice. School ought to be fun, right?

    We always have a teacher luncheon (parents bring tons of food) and a gift from the school, which could be a gift card or a mug or something. We also encourage the students to write notes and we push the idea of gift cards, so the teachers get a ton of loot. It’s a fun day.

    Of course, the entire thing is to teach kids to appreciate those who labor in their behalf. But I’ve never had a teacher sick on that day. It’s a highlight of the year. And justly so. They deserve it.

  5. Tallie Hein
    Tallie Hein05-01-2012

    Each Day of Teacher Appreciation Week we give our staff a gift.
    This year’s line-up is:
    Monday: $5 gift card to subway with a goodie bag of chips, granola bar, pudding, water and chocolate.
    Tuesday: Personal handwritten letters of appreciation from Principal and myself with chocolate.
    Wednesday: Coffee travel mug with goodies
    Thursday – Notes from each member of their class and flowers
    Friday – $25.00 gift card to Olive garden.

    I have a staff of 8 and the impact to my budget this year is about $300.00. (37.50 per teacher)
    The gifts are being put on their desks in the morning during our Teacher devotions. This is the theme verse for this year and will be on each of the e presents

    We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers; Remembering your work of faith, and labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father. Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God. 1 Thessalonians 1: 2 – 4

  6. Chad Farber
    Chad Farber05-08-2012

    This year we had a celebration on actual “Teachers Day” as opposed to a week-long event. We had an assembly and presented each teacher with a goody bag (lotions, candle, fragrances, etc.), a gift card (wal-mart, iTunes, etc.), notes written by students, and a thank you note from the principal. They were provided a variety of edible goodies (cookies, brownies, fruit, chocolate, etc.) in the teachers lounge to snack on throughout the day and we prepared a lunch for them (lasagna, salad, bread) to have when they come down to lunch with their class.

    The effort this year was spear-headed by our booster club president. She asked each school family to donate $5.00 towards teacher appreciation – most were very willing to help. Some parents even brought their own gifts, baked goods, etc. to give to the teachers.

    Each teacher was given a “#1 Teacher” pin to wear for the day. Students were instructed to help anybody wearing this pin in any way possible – carry books, open doors, serve lunch, etc. to promote the idea of importance of the position of teacher.

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