Faculty Inservice Training


Looking for some ideas to improve our teacher inservice sessions.  What are some things that are being done in your school?  Are you bringing people in for training?  What topics are you covering?

  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams04-10-2012

    We coordinated with BJU to come to our campus last October along with a trainer from Mimio (an interactive whiteboard company). We had a two day session focused on Math and technology. It was great!

  2. Joey Harmon
    Joey Harmon04-10-2012

    We also had a trainer from Mimio demonstrate some introductory uses of their tech tools and software to our staff this year. I highly recommend their products and services.

    Back in August, I used an adjunct professor from Clearwater Christian College to present several ESL workshops to my faculty. We used Elluminate to stream his video, voice, and slides to our location. I understand that Elluminate no longer offers the service we used, but there are likely other web-based methods to stream in quality in-service leaders into our schools.

  3. Judylynn Walton
    Judylynn Walton04-16-2012

    You could use a study of Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word. This study can be used entirely during in-service, or can be started during in-service and spread throughout the year. The AACS website has instructions so that your teachers can receive CEU (continuing education units) credit. The book is available from the AACS bookstore.

  4. Debbie Kestner
    Debbie Kestner05-01-2012

    We have many training modules that we use. They range from health and safety to being a Christian role model. We also use our school nurse as a resource and often use teachers who have been to special trainings or conferences.. We have also used the ABEKA training videos.

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