1-1 Computer Integration


We are getting ready to roll out a 1-1 iPad initiative in some of our AP classes. For anyone who has already done this, I have a couple of questions.

What did you do for insurance for the iPads?

Did you develop written digital ethics guidelines, specifically for this initiative?

  1. Melvin Cacayorin
    Melvin Cacayorin04-19-2012

    We have iPads on a cart we roll to whoever wants them. They tell us the apps they want, we load them up so they can use in class. We have enough iPads for everyone in our largest class.

    We did not get insurance–but we did buy cases as Apple store suggested. Apple store suggested either get some insurance or set rules like 1) not walk with iPads 2) damage leading to repair will cost the student 3) repeated or malicious damage to devices will result in loss of use of iPads. Teacher iPads are more beat up than student ones.

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