Integrating Print Along Side Cursive


We teach cursive writing exclusively, starting in K5, and have no desire to change. But I see more of a need to teach print since it will be used frequently in the workplace. Any ideas as to how & when to incorporate teaching print in elementary grades (especially integrating it with cursive)?

  1. Tallie Hein
    Tallie Hein05-08-2012

    The need to know how to print because of the workplace is why we teach manuscript. We had a lot of discussions before we made the decision and feel that it is important. Our K4 & K5’s are taught manuscript then in 1st grade we switch to cursive. We use the A beka curriculum and it is easy to switch over at the 1st grade level.

  2. Veronica Long
    Veronica Long05-08-2012

    Cursive writing has become a lost art. We teach cursive; however, we do not start teaching cursive until 2nd grade. We just feel that fine and gross motor skills need a little more time to develop. Thus, we feel the need to give our students the time to adjust and refine these skills to be successful with cursive writing. As in the post above, we use ABeka, and it is easy to switch from manuscript to cursive writing.

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