Honors classes


What are the standards for having a class designated as an “honors class”?  Are the standards set by the public domain?

  1. Jeff Walton
    Jeff Walton07-19-2012

    I don’t believe there are any established criteria for designating a course as an honors course, like there are established criteria for advanced placement classes, but there are some commonly recognized characteristics for honors classes. The difference between a regular class and an honors class is mostly about the type of work required and the pace of studying. Honors courses are enriched; they offer the same general course content as the regular course at your school, but in greater depth and with a faster pace. Honors courses emphasize critical and independent thinking and are typically more oriented toward discussion, student participation, and student-initiated creative projects than the traditional class. There are also typically entrance qualifications and completeion criteria such as “only students who have successfully completed sophomore English with a GPA or 3.0 or higher may register for honors level junior English” and “only students who complete all course requirements, earn a “B” or better on all core projects, and earn a final grade of “B” or better qualify to have the course designated as “honors” on the high school transcript.

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