Finding new teachers


How do you post job openings?
What is your best resource for finding quality teachers?

  1. Brian Gottschall
    Brian Gottschall03-04-2013

    I typically contact Christian colleges directly and get lists of graduating seniors and alumni looking for teaching positions, and I use the AACS placement service as well.

    As we feel it appropriate, I also attempt to visit Christian colleges and meet prospective teachers personally.

  2. Louise Herriage
    Louise Herriage03-04-2013

    Finding quality teachers is always a challenge. We go to various colleges that have the same philosophy as we do, for our recruiting needs. Going each year to the same colleges, even thought we may not have a need, keeps our ministry out there. This also gives us an opportunity to see the direction in which the college is going in their teacher/education program. That is very important to us.

    We receive several applications each year that we look at. Some are possibilities and others are definite “no”. We have a number of very qualified substitute teachers available that have made great classroom teachers as we saw the need arise. We have also contacted other schools to see if they have applications submitted that may be a help to us.

    Of course, the best resource we have is prayer. . . . that is first and foremost before going to any college of looking as any application. As an admin team, we get together and pray for our needs, asking the Lord to give us the teachers that He would want in our ministry. Sometimes it seems like we are not going to find someone in time, but the Lord always comes through at the right moment with the right teacher. I am convinced that we serve “the God of the cliff hangers” so to speak. His way is best.

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