ACT PLAN Alternatives?


ACT is dropping the PLAN and Explore tests after this year.  What alternatives for the PLAN are available.  If your school is using a PLAN alternative, what does your school have to do to qualify as an administration site?

  1. Kristen Conn
    Kristen Conn09-18-2014

    I registered our students with the PSAT and the Readistep through the College Board. Since we already had a school code I didn’t think the process would be difficult. However, we had to apply for a level 2 code due to the high stakes test that the PSAT is. We were at first denied because they said we were not accredited. I repealed this to the College Board through a letter stating our religious beliefs, our status in the state of Ohio as an “08” school, and that the Ohio Department of Education recognizes us as a high school and accepts our diplomas. We were granted the level 2 status and our students will be taking the ReadiStep(7th-9th) and the PSAT/MNSQT (10th-11th) on October 15. If you have any questions you may contact me at

  2. Karen Carlock
    Karen Carlock09-23-2014

    We are planning to administer the PSAT to the Sophomores at our school. We previously had administered this test to just the Juniors. This year we will administer it to both of them and then transition into just administering it to the Sophomores next year. For Juniors next year, we will concentrate on prepping for the ACT or SAT tests. We are going to administer an ACT prep class to aid the students in test taking skills.

  3. paul green
    paul green11-21-2014

    i am curious about the ode recognizing and accepting the 08 school diploma??

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