Questions about honors classes


Friends, a few questions about honors classes. Are they supposed to be from a 5-point GPA scale? Can an honors class be the same class as a regular one just with extra work? Any information will be helpful – thanks in advance.

  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams06-24-2014

    We do not offer an altered grading scale nor an increased point scale for our honors classes. We do alter these for Advanced Placement classes. The criteria for honors classes are institutionally designed and therefore have no standardized criteria across schools.

  2. Jonathan Bradford
    Jonathan Bradford06-24-2014

    Thanks Paul – we were going to also do Advanced Placement also. I understand your point about the honors classes, but do you have a separate class for them or are the honors students combined with the regular class students. And if so, what criteria do you use to make the class more advanced?

    • Jeff Walton
      Jeff Walton06-25-2014

      Jonathan — I don’t know about the five-point grading scale, but here’s a reply I posted to a similar question a year or so ago — hope it’s helpful. — I don’t believe there are any established criteria for designating a course as an honors course, like there are established criteria for advanced placement classes, but there are some commonly recognized characteristics for honors classes. The difference between a regular class and an honors class is mostly about the type of work required and the pace of studying. Honors courses are enriched; they offer the same general course content as the regular course at your school, but in greater depth and with a faster pace. Honors courses emphasize critical and independent thinking and are typically more oriented toward discussion, student participation, and student-initiated creative projects than the traditional class. There are also typically entrance qualifications and completion criteria such as “only students who have successfully completed sophomore English with a GPA or 3.0 or higher may register for honors level junior English” and “only students who complete all course requirements, earn a “B” or better on all core projects, and earn a final grade of “B” or better qualify to have the course designated as “honors” on the high school transcript.

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