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Capital Campaign,
We’ve just run, what I desire to be, our very last all school “rinky-dink” fundraiser. Chocolate bars, cards, gift wrap, cookie dough, I want no more of you.
Does your school run a regular capital campaign? What has proven most useful, beneficial? How much did you raise? How long did it take? Has anyone tried the philanthropic fundraising?

  1. Jeff Walton
    Jeff Walton10-10-2014

    I have not had the experience of running a capital campaign or creating a school endowment, but I can point you to a couple of schools that have done so and I will be happy to reply to a personal email with that information ( They could share that experience, but I don’t feel like I can share their information in a public forum like this. I have had a better experience with one “big” annual fundraiser and I have visited a number of schools that have done something similar. Our policy was to allow senior class and similar groups to run some “internal” fundraisers like concessions at ball games and pizza lunches. Only one “outside” fundraiser was permitted each year. Various programs could submit their wish list (band instruments, basketball uniforms, etc.) and school leadership determined the projects that would be funded and the percentage of the fundraiser that would go to each project. We selected a fundraiser with a high profit margin and ran only one each year. Participation was high, income was good, and people did not get burned out with multiple fundraising efforts.

    • Mark Zockoll
      Mark Zockoll10-13-2014

      I suppose this is an addition to the opening question. How much does your school average in funds raised outside of Tuition/Fees?

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